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Spoiler warning folks – this news is a day old; proceed at your own mental peril

The battle for the cowl is finally over – the obvious, and in my mind *only* choice to take up the mantle Bruce left when he was unceremoniously hurtled through time by Darkseid (which incidentally, is the dumbest explanation of the omega beams power I have ever laid eyes on). But, did we really need a three issue miniseries to tell us what the comic-book reading population at large already knew? (more…)


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New “V” series preview

We have posted a link to the latest trailer to the new “V” – an update of the Kenneth Johnson miniseries from 1983!  Will it be any good? Your guess is as good as ours, but the franchise is certainly ripe with potential.

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Its been 4 seasons -- what are you waiting for??

It's been 4 seasons -- what are you waiting for??

I will state this very simply: in all likelihood, you are not watching this. In all likelihood, this has never even appeared on the radar that is your ‘watch’ list. Do not be alarmed, as you are not alone. I devote this segment to the underdogs of science fiction television. The new, the old, and the ever-present programs which want only two simple things – to sell ad-space, and provide an entertaining romp through a reality where the extraordinary is merely ordinary.

These are our underdogs – The Best Science Fiction that you aren’t watching. (more…)

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Star Trek

So, my intrepid readers…both of you…I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen the new Star Trek movie.

So let’s gab!

Whether you liked it or not, one of the most controversial aspects of the film is the new timeline.  There is no ret-conning for this franchise!  Vulcan is gone! And while it hit me in the gut like Ali in the fourth round, at least made it clear that things are not going to play out as we knew them.


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Poor Chris. It seems like he can’t get a break no matter which timeline he inhabits.

Those Trek fans who are familiar with Captain Christopher Pike’s place in history will nod saddly and knowingly of what I speak.

For those of you who are not so familiar, allow me to explain:

Christopher Pike in command of the Enterprise in the original timeline

In the original timeline: Captain Christoper Pike was commander of the Enterprise for ten years before Jim Kirk.  In 2263, Pike was promoted to Fleet Captain and a year later, Kirk sets out on his historic five year mission.

We then learn that in the early part of 2266, Pike suffers a crippling dose of Delta radiation when he saved several Starfleet cadets from certain death during an accident.  Pike became a wheelchair-bound hunk of flesh who could only communicate by use of a blinking light which was activated by his brainwaves.

He was in really bad shape.

Pike with new Delta Ray action

So bad was he, that a few months later, logical Spock broke a number of Federation and Starfleet rules, including General Order 7 (which calls for the death penalty) in order to save his former Captain and bring him to Talos IV where Pike could live a better life (“The Menagerie“, Parts I and II).

In the Nero-altered timeline of the new Star Trek movie: Pike assumes command of the Enterprise in 2258 – seven years later than he had in the original timeline, commands it for a few hours before he is captured and tortured by Nero and as a result – ends up in a wheelchair. He is promoted to Admiral and command of the Enterprise is given to Jim Kirk.

Captain Pike in the altered timeline

Now, one has to wonder if Pike’s destiny is to be a cripple no matter how the timeline plays out.  In the original timeline, his suffering from the Delta Rays is horrific, but at lease he had command of the Enterprise for ten years! That’s a lot of life experience that a man like Pike probably craves, so that bythe time he is crippled, he has at leasted lived!

In the altered timeline, Pike never goes on his first five year mission, let alone a second one.  He goes straight into the wheelchair. Granted, he is not nearly as disabled as he was before and we really don’t know if his wounds are permanent — but it doesn’t look good.  Add to the fact that we know that most Starfleet captains seem to hate being Admirals and now he’s stuck being one without ever commanding the Enterprise.

Admittedly, we don’t we really know a whole lot about either Chris Pike and since the timeline has shifted considerably, we may see more adventures with him. But for now, it seems that the soul that is Chris Pike is cursed.

I think I’d rather be a red shirt.

Article by Matt Rashid

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