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The death of legend Michael Jackson shook the world yesterday. I, for one, never conceived of a world in which the King of Pop didn’t regularly appear on the screen – either for his idiosyncratic lifestyle or for the absolutely beautiful music he brought to the world.

On top of that, the visual and thematic styles that Jackson brought to his craft skirted across many lines, including the realm of science fiction – in fact, some of his most memorable work appeared in Sci-Fi

Here is a (ridiculously) short list of Michael Jackson’s work  you should all be familiar with that prove he was the king of Pop, the king of presentation, and, for his time, at least an archduke of science fiction:


Essentially a series of musical vignettes, Moonwalker ended with Michael Jackson captured by Mr. Big and his men (read: Joe Pesci and some guys in black). Just as all hope seems lost, Michael lifts his head and promptly turns into a massive robot – complete with deflector shields, enough rocket launchers to lay waste to a small Eastern European country, and the ability to transform (read: TRANSFORM) into a space ship. After saving the day, the USS Jackson turns and begins its journey skyward, no doubt off to spread the love of dance, song, and peace through vastly superior firepower.

This is Thriller

As we all know, Thriller is the best selling album of all time. In my personal opinion, 85% of those sales have to do with the greatest music video ever created – the zombie-fied monster fest of the same name. Thriller was about 14 minutes long, and, after all of these years, still plays out better than fully half of the current generation of horror films. Ok, ok, maybe its just a slight stretch to call this science fiction, but if resident evil can shoehorn itself into that genre with the “biological weapon” label, then I can go ahead and call pop-locking zombies science fiction, dagnabit! Besides, are you about to tell a man who can transform into a 100-foot tall rocket-toting spaceship that his music video isn’t sci-fi enough? No, I didn’t believe you would want to.


A personal favorite song by the duo of Michael and Janet – Scream takes place on a Spaceship, features out of this world fashion statements, mucks with gravity, and contains no less than one giant male anime character screaming at the top of his lungs. Honestly, it is more or less how I always imagined space to be. Did I mention the space-racquetball. Right, it also has space-racquetball.

For a life well lived and generations of people entertained, moved, and inspired. Rest in peace, Mr. Jackson. We will miss your robot style.



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Our friends at the Force.net have reported confirmation from Frank Marshall that there will another adventure of Indiana Jones.

You can read the article at the Force.net or at Empire.

We ask: is this good news or bad news?

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Trek Today reports from Kurtzman and Orci on the future of the Star Trek franchise.

Check the article here.

Perhaps a retelling of “Space Seed“?

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Trek v Wars

“What do you like better – Star Trek or Star Wars?”

My answer is “Why not both?”

I seem to be one of the few people who is equally obsessed with both. However, I would be will to wager all of my gold press latinum  that I am not alone out there in loving both franchises.  I never really understood why they are compared other than the similarity in titles. After all, other than taking place in space and on board space ships – they are like apples and oranges. They deal with different themes and address different sensibilities. Sometimes you feel like a nut…sometimes you don’t.

That said, we still love to compare the two.  We’ve all seen the You Tube video of the Enterprise-D encountering a Star Destroyer, (If not check it here) but I thought it would be fun to compare the many aspects of technology of the two universes.

This is all loose stuff and not based on any hard evidence.  My sources are the various movies, TV shows, and a fertile imagination.  I do not include tech from the new Star Trek Movie as I am simply not familiar enough with it or the changes to the technology that the Nero Incursion caused. I also do not necessarily include Expanded Universe.  I am sticking to strictly G-level canon.

We at the Starblog would love to here your thoughts and additions! But for now, here we go!


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This has quietly been a good week for my sci-fi soul. Futurama is coming back from the dead and Terminator Salvation is twice as good as I’d been led to believe.

Posted by Space Commando.

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Pretty cool stuff. Read the article by SciFi Now here.

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It seems that this early 90’s Schwarzenegger flic is slated for a make-over. So click here for the article and prepare to “Git you ass to Mahz”.

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