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It’s fall of 1994 and on my television set is a preview for the next Star Trek: The Next Generation adventure. There is one crucial difference between this adventure and the usual episode: it can only be seen at a theater near you.

Star Trek Generations

On November 18, 1994, Star Trek Generations premiered in movie theaters.  It was the first Trek series not to be canceled. It had been decided to move these characters from small screen to silver screen. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was in its third season.  The word on the street was that come the new year, a third spin-off (the fourth Star Trek series) called Star Trek: Voyager would be premiering.

For the first time in history, there was a LOT of Star Trek.



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As I write this, summer is coming to a close.  Outside there is the slightest crisp of autumn in the air. JJ Abram’s Star Trek is out of theatres and we can only wait for the DVD release this fall. Holy Frak — It’s September and I haven’t updated my series retrospective on Star Trek!!

Let’s delay no longer. When we last left our intrepid heroes, the original crew of Star Trek had moved on to a series of movies and signed off with The Undiscovered Country in 1991.

But let’s step back about four years to 1987.  Before making peace with the Klingons, Kirk and crew, in a commandeered Bird-of-Prey had just left the 20th century and saved the Earth from a mysterious probe  by bringing back Humpback Whales from extinction.  It was a high time for Star Trek.  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home turned out to be the most mainstream success of all the Star Trek movies.  (more…)

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