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So like everyone else I endured two plus hours of having those stupid plastic glasses sitting on the bridge of my nose in the IMAX theatre watching James Cameron’s newest epic – Avatar.

I have to say I liked it. After all, it was visually a treat with a serviceable, if hackneyed, plot.

What I enjoyed the most was James Cameron’s dedication to himself.¬† For Avatar, if nothing else, is a Frankenstein monster of all of his earlier films – an ebay-bound drawer of old stuff recycled to create something new.

Most young’uns probably haven’t paid much attention to Cameron’s earlier essays. They were, after all,mere¬† trifles, with little to no merit of their own. They were simply practice runs for the second coming known to man as “Avatar”.

Therefore, in order to prevent newly inducted Cameron fans from wasting their time with his earlier sophomoric films, we here at the Starblog offices have a list of ingredients drawn from them and used to better effect in Avatar. (more…)


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